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Toxic Shock Syndrome, or TSS, is a serious and sometimes fatal disease caused by staph bacteria. TSS is most commonly associated with tampon use, however failing to clean your menstrual cup can also cause TSS. Women leave their tampon in for too long and bacteria builds up causing TSS. With menstrual cups, you can leave the cup in for up to 12 hours without any dangers.



Just follow these simple steps:

1. Clean your menstrual cup thoroughly using warm water and soap, preferably organic (ideally with a small brush to reach those little edges)

2. Pour a little water into the Cup-Mate (between 5 - 10 ml or 1 Tbs to be exact). Our steamer lid actually comes with measurement lines to help you pour the right amount of water

3. (OPTIONAL) You can also put a teaspoon of lemon juice in the Cup-Mate to help remove odor and stain from your menstrual cup

Add lemon juice

4. Place the menstrual cup on the Cup-Mate and put the lid back on

5. Plug in the Cup-Mate and press the button

6. The Cup-Mate now works to disinfect your cup by steaming it. It will automatically turn off after 3 minutes or after all the water has boiled off (safety feature)

7. Remove the lid carefully as it will be HOT. And Voila! Your menstrual cup is ready for use again or for storage

Basically you can use it as often as you want. But we would recommend to sanitize your cup after each cycle before storing it and at the start of your cycle before you start using the cup again. Although we understand if some of us are hygiene freaks who like to sanitize our cups everyday. With Cup-Mate, you only need less than 4 minutes to make your cup squeaky clean. No more boiling, no more hassle. 

There are so many benefits to steaming your cups with Cup-Mate:

  1. Cup-Mate mimics a small autoclave by allowing pressure to build up inside the device and superheating the steam and raising its temperature to above 120 C (or 250 F). As such, it is more effective in killing harmful bacteria compared to traditional method of boiling.Lab Results
  2. Boiling your cup poses a risk of deforming it if it ever touches the metal part of your pot. Cup-Mate is perfectly safe for you and your cup. Read this story about a woman who boiled her menstrual cup to crispBurned Cup
  3. No need to use your one and only pot anymore.
  4. Who's got time for watching menstrual cup sit in a pot of boiling water?
  5. You can use Cup-Mate to sanitize your other items like make-up sponge or jewelries.
  6. You save SO MUCH water.

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