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About Us

It began with an obsession with cleanliness and hygiene...

I started using menstrual cups when I was still pursuing my Master degree 3 years ago and was still living in a dorm. I love the idea of it being eco-friendly and economical as compared to traditional disposable menstrual pads or tampons, but hate the impracticality of it. It was not a fun experience, when I had to sneak into the communal kitchen at midnight to boil my menstrual cups in order to sterilize them. There's got to be a more convenient and faster way to sterilize my cups.

So, right after graduation, I gathered a bunch of similar hygiene-obsessed team of multi-award-winning designers and developed Cup-Mate — a state-of-the-art electric menstrual cup steam sterilizer. After multiple iterations and testing, we’ve created the first menstrual cup sterilizers in today’s market.

Cup-Mate gives you the freedom to do more with your time, so you can focus on the moments that really matter, like spending time with your loved ones, or on yourself.


Our Manufacturing

We work with a number of polymer and electronics suppliers from Asia to source the best quality materials and production techniques. Our suppliers are FDA-approved and have been manufacturing medical and kitchenwares for the North American and European markets for years. We are involved deeply in various stages of the new product development:

  • Product design and prototype testing
  • Material selection and mold creation
  • Hot pressing and injection moulding
  • Quality check and packaging

With such control over the entire manufacturing process, and a team of people dedicated to environment preservation through technological advancement, our brand is able to innovate and continually improve the quality of our sterilizers.

By looking at what was needed, not what has been done for decades, we created something radically different with our products. But we’re not stopping there. So here’s to Cup-Mate.

Designed with your needs in mind.


- Eva

Cup-Mate Founder